About India

Hello everyone in this blog i have written about india and its culture as we all know india is the seventh largest country in the world so we can observe a wide diversity in INDIA.

About india
About india
India is a nation which got its independence in the year 1947.Although it has been more than 60 years since India got independence it hasn’t got independence from their mind. India is a developing nation which is developing at a good growth but the people of India want it in a very short time,since Japan has the fastest developed nation it still took 20 years so it will atleast take 20 years for India to develop so one should have good patience in them before taking any decision. There are various other issues in India like caste reservation system, considering women on the lower side, caste discrimination,  corruption etc.etc. which needs to be solved in India.
Basically corruption is the most challenging problem in India which needs to be solved as soon as possible to make India’s growth faster.Corruption is seen in almost every field starting from  education to our judiciary system. Due to corruption in our education system a lot of young talents has to suffer their opportunity is been snatched by the richer people , that doesn’t depend wheather they have talent or not , if their is money there is talent. 
A lot of corruption is also observed in sports field. Various funds offered by government is used by the corrupted officers to fill their pockets and the one having good talent in them don’t get the support and does the talent goes waste. That’s the reason why India is back in sports field if proper fund is provided to the talent definitely India will be a leading country in the sports field.
Apart from this there are various features in India which makes a different place in India than other countries. 
India is the largest democratic country in the world there are various freedom provided in India like freedom of speech freedom to live etc.
India is a place where you can see unity in diversity there are people of various castes people living together in India . Although they have different castes and creeds following different culture but they live together this is the main unique quality of India.
India is a country of culture it has a wide and old rituals and culture followed by crores of people. There are various kinds of festivals celebrated in india like Uttarayan, Holi, Deepawali etc with full happiness .
India is a country with variety of good items . As there are people of various castes and creeds so is the variety of foods of different cultures in India . People here enjoy the food of various kinds india rank in 4th place for the best food 
so guys in this article i have written about india
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