Meditation: Boon to nature

Meditation: Boon to nature

Meditation:Boon to nature
Meditation Boon to nature

In present era, many of the aspirants are not able to concentrate on their studies. 
 So,Today in this Blog We will tell you about how to meditate in a easy manner and what is Meditation and what are its benefits? Meditation is a simple way to calm your mind. Its the best food for mind. In present era, it is very difficult for us to keep focused and relax our mind. So it is requested that please meditate for some time in a day. You may increase your time day by day .Its not necessary that you may meditate for half an hour or hour but 5 to 10 minutes of real Meditation is enough. You can increase your time day by day. It depends upon your practice. Now other question arrise how to do Meditation? I know its very tough to meditate but you can meditate if you should try Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness Meditation is the most simple Meditation found by us and it will easily practise by you. The procedure is very simple. First you have to choose a place which is away from all the sounds and nuisance.It may be peacefull in all sort of manners. Then sit here on the carpet on the floor. keep your backbone as straight as possible , Close your eyes and first focus on your mind, keep it calm ,limit thoughts in fact stop your thoughts, made your mind zero as you know nothing of the world. Now start focusing on your breath, feel how your breath is coming in and than going out. Continue this process and forget all worries behave like you are just Soul(Aatma) not body. This is the best way to meditate . There are lots of meditations but they are quite difficult so first master it than We will tell you other level of meditation. So practise it and comment on this post when you get benefit from it. It will not only increases your concentration but help you to know what is within you.
Sharp mind , increase concentration and strong reasoning ability and many more are its important results. When you regularly practise Meditation,the feeling of compassion is also developed and one message to all “BE KIND WHENEVER POSSIBLE,IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE”. Hope you enjoy this short description of Meditation as our first job is to find inner peace than anything else. so guys thanks for reading this beautiful article i know u like this beautiful article and if u really like then press the bell icon and get subscribe so that u can never get missed with any updates and once again thanks for reading jai hind vande matram
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Article Credit : Prateek Bachlas : The Author loves to write about spirituality.

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