Health and life

Health and life

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Health and Life
Health and Life

What is astigmatism?
It is usually a genetic but treatable
eye condition that can cause blurred
vision and headaches. It happens when
the front surface of the eye i.e. the
cornea or the lens is uneven or
excessively curved. Usually
accompanied by long or short
sightedness, it may also occur due to
eye injury or eye disease. An
ophthalmologist can diagnose it by a
full eye check-up. Treatment consists
of correction with glasses or corrective
contact lenses (toric lenses) or
sometimes surgery

What is a mini stroke?
It happens when the blood flow to the brain is
temporarily cut off. It is called a transient ischaemic
attack (TIA). There is loss of vision, leg and arm
weakness, slurring of speech and loss of
consciousness lasting for 30 minutes. All ki
symptoms disappear within 24 hours. If symptoms
last for more than 24 hours then it is a stroke. A TIA
is a clear warning that
further TIA or strokes can occur so it
should not be ignored.

I have a dull pain in the left side of my neck,
shoulder and back. It is worse in the morning a
eases during the day but does not disappear.
You may have spinal cord compression in your ne
due to a disc pressing on the nerves. Sitting or
sleeping in a wrong position can trigger it. You sho
consult an orthopaedic surgeon
who can ease the pressure
with a cervical collar
traction of the spine or
gentle manipulation of the
neck and shoulders.
Physiotherapy and
exercise will help.
I had a small insect bite, which I scrat
surrounding area has become red and pain
This is probably cellulitis which
is inflammation of the skin

I had a small insect bite, which I scratched. Now the
surrounding area has become red and painful.
This is probably cellulitis which
is inflammation of the skin
caused by bacterial infection. It
is most commonly seen on the
legs and is often due to bacteria
entering the skin through a small
skin wound or an insect bite
where the skin has been broken due to scratching. Treatment is  by applying a local antiseptic cream and taking antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets
severe I want to give up dairy products. What can I have Instead?
Soya products like soya milk, soya tofu etc are good
substitutes for dairy products. Soya is a good source of nutrients and it can help protect against heart disease & certain cancers. It is a good source of proteins (containing all 8 essential
amino acids) omega
3 fatty acids, disease busting antioxidants B vitamins, iron
zinc, fibre etc. Aim to eat about 60 gm of    soya per day

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