Hey people today’s topic will be gonna interesting cause i will help you to know ADMOB PAYMENT this topic is going viral and most of the visitors are asking what is admob is so in this article i will give the details about admob and all the knowledge about admob.

So Guy’s
Admob is an one of google product
U can earn in Admob through creating an app and publish it on Google playstore by buying an Google console account which they charge around 1k inr so guys its very simple i you all to earn u  can also earn by creating app
So now our topic is when we will get admob payment 
So, the payment which we will get paid is 21 date of the month and on 1st that admob cut all the invalid activity found and if your 100$ threshold is complete adsense will Realese the payment in your bank account adsense is similar which operates all of the account like admob, all website and many more.

So in short the publisher get there payment is on 21 date of the month this is what the procedure of the google adsense, admob is. And all you to do is you have to earn honestly by not doing any type of invalid activity and for this u have to be honest because google is very honest so we should also be honest and work sincerely thank you.
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