Admob VS Appodeal who is best | latest 2018 |

Hello guys in this article i will talk about which is the best earning company for us. Is it Admob or appodeal

So guys lots of people have questions in there mind that admob is not better because a new company has arrived and its appodeal its like trend going on YouTube that work on appodeal and get payment get 100% earning in appodeal
So guys lets talk more briefly in this and let us know who is better Admob vs appodeal.
Basically guys google is the top rated and most trusted website all over the world
So we should not trust any of this type of news that appodeal is best yes i know that u will get payment from appodeal but after that will it give are this website are trusted from my side its no its not so Better u should not trust this type pf website cause all news are fake we should not trust all we have to do is go briefly and then we should decided which platform we should trust so guys all i have to say is that adsense is a trustworthy sites we should always work with adsense no other alternative is better than google adsense
So guys this is what all the knowledge about appodeal vs adsense is.
So thanks for reading the article i am sure u all have read and get learn something new and interesting so for updates stay stune i will be posting more informative stuff till than buy jai hind

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