Paytm First Order For Free – JALD SE JALD LOOT LO (LATEST TRICKS 2018)

Paytm First Order For Free – JALD SE JALD LOOT LO (LATEST TRICKS 2018)

Hello everyone this time astar4you has come with a new cool trick through which you can buy products from paytm for free. To get more information about this trick read my article.

As we all know about the renowed digital payment platform paytm. This app is very useful for paying online bills directly through your bank account. You can also transfer money from one account to another account by adding money in your e-wallet. Transferring money through paytm is totally free and very safe and secure too.

Paytm is also having its own e-commerce shopping website paytm mall through which you can buy products online. The products of paytm mall are of genuine quality.

Now let’s talk about the cool new trick of paytm . Under this trick you should have a account on paytm and your account should be KYC done , so if you order anything from the paytm mall or paytm for the first time then you can use the coupon code and you could buy anything from paytm mall for free, but the limit is upto 200 rupees. That means you can order anything for free upto 200 rupees. The coupon code for using this offer is FIRSTTIMELUCKY . The only condition is that you must first complete your kyc in paytm and also you should be buying first time from the paytm mall.

All you have to do this is open the paytm app

Then u will see a pic like this

Paytm First Order For Free

Now click  on it then and then

Note-if your kyc is done (if u have link an aadhar card with paytm) then u can avail this offer

After that u will see all the offer that first your order is free paytm after that do the shopping whatever which is of rs 200 and then u will get click on any product which is of rs 200 and now u will see the order menu and then apply the code firsttimelucky after that ur order will be free u will get cashback on your paytm wallet after the order is shipped now enjoy this offer asap.

Hope you guys like this trick and use it and use the coupon code for buying the products for free from paytm.

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