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WIEGHT5.9 cm

Hey guys our today’s topic gonna be much interesting guys because I am not gonna talk about any actor, actress, and any other stars but today I am going to reveal a gymnastics man aka rohit khatri, yes guys as u know he has his own youtube channel and has more than 2 million subscribers as rohit khatri fitness youtube channel so lets discuss and explore about him

Rohit khatri bio

So here guys lets discuss about him guys from his childhood he was not so good in his studies and he don’t want to do any job like other his main aim was to focus on himself and wanted to do alone in this many of them has tortured him like what are u doing man are u mad , u should try but u will fail like this etc. But rohit take this as very seriously and this type of words makes him motivate and after that when he crossed his 1lakh subscriber a difficulty mode has come to his life but he didn’t look back and decided to go ahead because the reason was he was having a girlfriend but one day before his birthday which was on 4 September his girlfriend decided to broke the relationship with him and that day was very bad days for him because his relationship was 3 years old rohit cried but one of his friends said u should not stop this u should go ahead and try to make more videos so finally rohit decided to make more and more videos so that he can show to the world that he is also unique he can do it in this article I am sure that u all were too motivated because his story is quite motivation type which all will love 🙂 so this was all about him

Rohit khatri photos


Some facts on rohit khatri

Does he smoke – No

Does he drinks – No

There was some controversy of rohit and guru mann

He loves doing gym because of it’s his passion

Gym is his life

The one rohit loves him the most is not in the world because his dad has left the world 🙁


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