Akshay Dhawan (rapper), bio, height, weight, age, affairs, all about akshay dhawan

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so guys today we will talk about a new sensation which is going with his skills of rapping and even he has impressed all the judges in Dil Hai Hindustani season 2 Badshah has given him standing ovation by listening to his live performance on the stage so let us talk about him.

Akshay Dhawan biography

Akshay Dhawan lives in Punjab he lives in Ludhiana in Punjab  he has been seen performing live in tv singing show Dil hai Hindustani (season 2) Badshah was impressed by seeing his first on the audition date when he raps with his own lyrics song “Meri Maa”. he is 18 year old he says in his ine interview that he is beeing inspire from badshah he has been brought and grew up in Ludhiana and done his all eduction in Ludhiana  Akshay tell that he was beaten up by the fellow group of his school and his childhood friend is sakeb which support and motivate him because he has written a song for his friend and was purely dedicated for his friend which he performed live in dil hai hindustani. so this was a short bio of him