French Language

It’s a well known fact that most native speakers of English are reluctant to learn any other language. By and large, they feel that, given the importance of English internationally, there’s no need to. However, one language that native speakers of English would benefit greatly from learning is the French Language. The ability to speak and understand French, even at a basic level, has many advantages that make it well worth learning.

The French language is one of the major languages of the world. It’s a beautiful, expressive and truly international language that is spoken and widely understood far beyond the borders of its home country, France. French is used to varying degrees in many other countries and regions, including: Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, Canada, and also in many African and several Southeast Asian countries.

While it’s true that many of the inhabitants of those places are also able to speak English, it’s always greatly appreciated when visiting English speakers make the effort to communicate with them in French, however basic, instead of just expecting them to know and use English. It’s seen as respectful and considerate, and it can open many doors for travellers, tourists, expats and visiting businessmen alike. It also adds greatly to the visitor’s experience of the country or region that they’re visiting. They feel closer to the country and its people.

Even without ever visiting any of those so-called ‘Francophone’ regions, the ability to speak French as a foreign language is always seen as quite ‘classy’. It’s an impressive looking addition to any CV. Rightly or wrongly, it gives an impression of sophistication, which can be very useful when seeking employment in a wide variety of fields.

Although learning any language takes time and effort, English speakers will find it easier to learn French than most other languages. That’s because it’s a Latin based language, and English, although not Latin based, contains a huge number of words of Latin origin. This means that, apart from differences of pronunciation, many words are exactly the same in both French and English, and many others are close enough that their meaning is quite obvious or can be guessed.

Thanks to the Internet,it’s easier to learn French these days than ever before. Online lessons are a convenient and highly effective way of learning the French language. Vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and style are clearly presented in modern multimedia formats online in ways that are interesting and engaging. Anyone with Internet access can learn French at their own pace and can focus on areas of the language that they find more difficult. Online help is constantly available from experts and in various forms including text, audio and video. Interactive lessons online make learning the French language fun, and also keep the student informed of their progress at all times.

Short of moving to a French speaking country, there’s no better way to learn French than with online lessons, and there’s no better time to learn French than right now.