The Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands with the Family

What fun activities are there for children in the Netherlands?

The holidays are just around the corner, and you are already thinking about where you can go with your family on holiday. Well, one country that is very family-friendly and has everything you need to create the perfect vacation in the Netherlands. There are so many parks, museums, and activities that are great for the whole family, and you can even get Dutch to English translation for a personalized experience. Read on to find out more about these unique places in the Netherlands.

Efteling Theme Park

It is usually challenging to travel with children, especially if you don’t know how to grab their attention. However, a fairytale theme park just like this one is the perfect place to visit with the whole family. It is based on all the fun elements, fairy tales, myths, and fables that your children will love.

It is located south if you are in Amsterdam and is easily accessible via bus or train. Tickets can be found on the park’s website, which is the best place to buy since you save €2, and you can enter the park 30 minutes before other guests. Explore with your children through the fairytale forest to discover more about the myths. There are also various accommodation options within the park property, so you can stay a couple of days and tour the area.


Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo

Children love zoos and learning about the different animals as well as petting some if it is allowed. This zoo is one of the most fun for children since it has a wide range of animals, birds, and insects. The best part is that the area is quite extensive so you can walk to the different sections, enjoy a nice walk and get to see all the animals. Since it is significant, the animals are well cared for and have adequate space to be free. It’s home to animals such as lions, rhinos, tortoises, elephants, butterflies as well as fish.

Linnaushof Botanical Garden

Sometimes all children need is a fun park where they can play with friends and explore without much intervention from adults. This garden is enormous and features a wide range of activities for the children. Some of the games children can play is on the trampoline swings, slides, and checking out the dwarf’s cottage village. There is also a waterpark so your children can enjoy some water in the summer, but there is also an indoor playground for the rainy and colder months.


This is an expansive garden that stretches up to 80 acres and has millions of tulips in all colors. The garden is a great place to visit with the whole family and think of the beautiful photos that you will have. There is a boat ride through the garden, and you can climb the mill for an even better view. There is also a mini zoo, and the most colorful parade you will see that happens around April.

Unfortunately, since it is a flower garden, it is affected by the seasons, so ticket sales start from 21st March to May 19th. The ticket prices are as follows:

  • It costs €17 for adults if you buy online, but you will have to pay €1 extra if you purchase at the ticket office.
  • For children ages 4 to 17 the cost is €8
  • Children 3 and below are allowed to enter for free.
  • If you are driving, then you will pay €6 for parking.
  • There are also options for airport transfers, so check their website to see the prices.

Nemo Science Museum

If your children love science, then this is one museum they will not hate. It is fun but also educational to them since it has a collection of technology, games and has one of the best views you will experience. The museum is kids friendly since children are allowed to touch and play with different objects as well as the games; you can spend hours there without getting bored. If you would like to visit this and other museums, you can get the JCP pass that costs €8.75 online, and it grants you admission to 34 museums and other attractions around Amsterdam.


If you don’t have too much time to visit the country, but you would like to get a feel of most places, then this miniature park is what you need. You get to see some of the most famous buildings, parks, streets, and even the airport and train stations. The cars and buses move around so you can be sure that your children will have an excellent time there.

There are so many little hidden treasures in the Netherlands, and the language barrier isn’t so bad, so it is all up to you to explore as much as you want with the children. Don’t forget to take one of Amsterdam’s boat rides that allow you to see the city from a different angle. Make sure to prepare early and always book your tickets online since children don’t do very well in long lines.